Frequently askedQuestions

To sign up is free on our website, after which you sign our Service Level Agreement (SLA) form with any of our Business Executives or download it from the website.

No, but make sure your business is registered. Then, provide an active mobile line, functional email address, and a physical address where our riders can pick your orders for deliveries.

We are open from Mondays to Saturdays between 8 am and 6 pm, including public holidays .

We get orders on and deliver foods, groceries, pharmaceuticals, and documents

No. You only need to have a good android phone for easy operation while using our mobile app.

To be a rider in Lagos, where our head office is located, you have to reside in Lagos. However, if you reside in our other locations, you can also sign up as a rider at there.

It's #500 for delivery within 3km, and an additional charge of #100 for every extra 1km.

You can come down to our office for a physical assessment or call any of the support lines to schedule an appointment.

Each rider will be paid a basic salary of #40,000 and they also get to earn an additional #100 on every delivery they make.